"In short, my research discovery reveals it's how we use the feet and toes that separate the elite superstars from the average players and the average from the regular folks who are prone to sports injury. The foot is the root cause of most sports injuries today." - Chong Xie 

The journey started with a question:

What is the difference between the elite athletes and regular people? is it genetic or biomechanics?

In 1954 Hicks first described the Windlass Mechanism, the Windlass Mechanism works as the heel comes off the ground while the big toe remains on ground, dorsiflexing the metatarsophalangeal joints. The increase tension in the long plantar fascia produces a rigid inner longitudinal arch by compacting the medial column joints(talonavicular, navicular-cuneiform, cuneiform-1st metatarsal and 1st metatarsophalangeal joints). This compacting of the medial column joints is essential, as it maintains the foot as a rigid level.

injury prevention, prevent injury Windlass Mechanism

Hyperarch Mechanism Natural Progression Table

  Foot<>Glutes Relationship Experience Recommended workout
Athlete with dormant glutes(prone to injury) When you perform the Hyperarch Mechanism® of the foot, You will notice that your ankle locks up. You feel no sensation in your glutes Perform Hyperarch Squat and rebuild back the nerves until you develop some links from your foot to the glutes
Athlete with weak links from the foot to the glutes When you perform the Hyperarch Mechanism® of the foot, Your ankle locks and you feel a little sensation in your glutes Perform Hyperarch Squat and Hop and make the link between your foot and glutes stronger
Athlete with healthy links from the foot to the glutes When you perform the Hyperarch Mechanism® of the foot, Your ankle locks and you feel strong contraction in your glutes Integrate this mechanism to your sport. You have conscious control of your glutes
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Disclaimer:  By making the purchase you are agreeing with the following:
a) You have read the FAQ page and have a general understanding of the content. The book reveals the conscious thought process of how to configure the feet, how to train and theoretical background of how it functions.
b) Chongxiediscovery YouTube channel explains the exercises that incorporates Hyperarch Mechanism. Once the practitioner understand what the Hyperarch Mechanism is and how it works with rest of the body, all the videos will make more sense.
c) There will be ABSOLUTELY NO REFUND as the information is proprietary. As with any activity, there are always risks associated, prudence is of utmost importance to maintain your athletic development. You will NOT hold the author liable for any accident or injury.



The Hyperarch Mechanism® on the other hand does NOT require the toes to be raised and it is a catalyst for holistic body fascia metamorphosis if triggered correctly.

The Hyperarch Mechanism®of the foot helps prevent or reduce a myriad of common sports injuries,  the benefit includes not limited to:


·       Fully Activate Gluteus Maximus (Strong glutes)

·       Increase Tendon Compliance (Bouncy steps)

·       Ankle Sprain

·       Knee Pain

·       Shin Splints

·       Patellar Tendonitis

·       Plantar Fasciitis


"When you stand, your feet is in the neutral mode, if you think you can perform sports in this mode without injury you are dead wrong, it should be a crime to let your kid play sports without understanding the knowledge of biomechanics, globally we need to change and the change start with you."

Stop sports injury, prevent sports injury in children Stop sports injury, prevent sports injury in children

Define: Athleticism (in my book)

  • It is NOT the ability to learn and excel at any sport quickly.
  • It is NOT hand and eye coordination.
  • It is NOT the ability to win at any sport.
  • It IS the ability to jump, land, run, turn and break safely, quickly and optimally with Gluteus Maximus(GM) engaged.
  • It IS the ability to ENGAGE the Gluteus Maximus(GM)

    "There is a difference between subconsciously engaging your glutes through movement and consciously engaging the glutes (activate your hip muscles) properly, when you can do the latter,  you have an edge."

By Chong Xie
Published: July 10, 2013
Words: 8,530 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301037407
Price: $99.13

Book Description:

"Secret of Athleticism" by Chong Xie extensively delves into the success formula of elite athletes and their outstanding performances using a unique yet practical approach that has never been documented before. The book combines the elements of science, science fiction, real life application and ground breaking discovery to give the reader the true secret of athleticism in an easy and understandable way.

Summary of the Book:

There is a question that arises in our consciousness: is it really genes or biomechanics that make us different from the widely sought after and famous athletes whose performances are not only awe inspiring but almost seem "out of this world" magical?  Keeping this million-dollar question in mind the author Chong Xie embarks on an inquisitive journey to crack the code and unravel the truth. He successfully does so in this book and shares his discovery with you.  In his narrative, he effectively syncs science fiction and science together. The discovery is amazing and it gives you the answer not only to one sport phenomenon but it can be used to answer all. The same mechanism unraveled in this book can be replicated by just anyone! regardless of race or body composition.

The sports industry across the globe has known for ages that elite athletes combine their big toe and hip (Gluteus Maximus) predominantly in delivering superior athletic performances. These athletes were born knowing, it’s natural to them, but they could not explain exactly how it works. Chong Xie has cracked this very code and discovered the mechanism which would allow you to fully engage the Gluteus Maximus consciously without the aid of movement. This mechanism is one that can be replicated once you know how.

This very knowledge drastically reduces ankle sprains and other common injuries. It implies that you as an athlete can get control over your performance and health. Running barefooted becomes easy and natural to you. The book is an honest and practical guide to a natural way for enhancing performance and reducing injuries. It helps the athlete get a true understanding of how he/she can perform to his/her optimal levels without harm to the body.

About the Author:

Chong Xie is an inquisitive, enthusiastic writer with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Binghamton University.  He has a solid analytical experience of being a technical analyst for the past ten years in esteemed companies like Messagelabs (now under Symantec) and Bloomberg.

With his book "Secret of Athleticism" Chong Xie makes an honest endeavor to help all of us understand and discover a path to superior athletic performance without the expense of injury.

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  • "I really don't understand the physics of jumping and how you increase that."- Michael Jordan
  • "It's easy if you know how" - Edward Leedskalnin
  • "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough” - Albert Einstein
  • "An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field." - Niels Bohr
  • Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.
    - Nikola Tesla


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