"If we strip away the shoes from our basketball elites, Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, you'll be shocked to see exactly how their feet work. The shoe is the greatest magician of all time, deceiving our perception" - Chong Xie

"Often the secret lies in plain sight"

Q: What is Hyperarch Training System?

Hyperarch Training is taking the essence of Eastern Martial Arts training ( "Being still is not the same as doing nothing" ) and combining with the reverse engineering of the intrinsic foot muscle engagement pattern from the elite athletes. It is a conscious training system of the feet which emphasize the contact point and the tension in the tendons. The training method catalyzes changes in the body overtime, builds superior neurological connection from the feet to the Gluteus Maximus and the abdominal muscle groups at the same time making the tendon/fascia system compliant.


Q: What is your professional background? and what made you want to discover the secret of athleticism?

I love science and nature, I have a strong interest in physics, in general how things work. I have a computer science degree and I have been working as a technical analyst in software security and financial application industry for the last 10 years. I diagnose and troubleshoot software, hardware, network issues for a living.  What piqued my interest was why such a large discrepancy in athletic performance, my mother is a geneticist at Columbia University, she always explain to me it's the genes since I was a teenager, but as any rebellious teenager would do, I  tried to find out the truth myself and I believe I stumbled upon something that will benefit us all.

Once I understood how it worked, through trial and error I was able to "hack it" like a computer programmer, so the body goes into the glutes engaged mode.

Q: You mentioned trial and error, what are you testing and how are you testing?

The main thing I wanted to understand during this whole process is why following the same form doesn't produce the same result. For example, you have 10 guys/gals do squat, you would hear perhaps 1 out 10  say he/she feels glutes and the rest feel quad after the exercise. I was intrigued, I wanted to know why, I didn't know how to test it, does that I mean I need to buy expensive EMG test machines? Then eureka! I realized we have the testing tool built within us!

The onset soreness, this was the best testing tool for me, people who workout is very familiar with this annoying nuisance. It’s not annoying for me in my experiment, so after you isolate a muscle group and hit it hard after a long period of inactivity. It would trigger the onset soreness. The next few days it would make the isolating muscle group extremely tender. Any movement that utilizes the targeted muscle groups would be immediately felt. It’s by this tool I was able to inch my way to my final discovery. It sounds easy now but trust me it takes a long time to wait in between the testing sessions. The final conclusion is that following the form is not the only thing, following the muscle activation pattern is way more important, we all have different bone length, by following the form is like following the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be detected by the naked eye. But all the geeks who watched Predator the movie understand, there are different "visions" of the same thing. To fully comprehend something you have to look from different "visions" not just the visible.

In addition, very importantly, I have a very athletic friend Peter Wang, he is the most athletic basketball player at 5feet 9 inches, 140lbs he is able to touch the rim with ease, score at will.  He also have the same walking gait as Lebron James, because like everyone else who is born athletic he can't describe to me exactly how he does it. But through my experiments and studying him, I was able to reverse engineer the mechanics used step by step.

NBA Pacer Guard George Hill and my friend Peter Wang

Q: You're saying that the key to being more athletic and having fewer injuries is to use mostly GM. This is what the best athletes supposedly do. The problem is that there is no explanation of how exactly you came up with that.

I did not come up with that, the performance industry long before me had provided the ground work for my research. No glutes, no result. But the only problem they didn't solve is HOW to engage it if you were not born with it. That's where my research comes in.

Below is also an article that will help, weak glutes and injuries.

More reference can be found in the Resource tab

injury prevention, prevent injury injury prevention, prevent injury

Q: Will there be another book or 2nd edition?

Yes, the first edition is really for getting the discovery out there and time stamp it. Many readers have talked to me about the lack of reference in my book, I want to apologize because  I lack experience and I was pressing for time. My research is really based on countless researches done in the field of sports medicine, sports performance. There is something that I spotted which was overlooked. I have added the Resource tab for reference on my website.

Q: How come there is no diagram or picture in the ebook?

This is due to very strict formatting rules put forth by Smashwords. I didn't want to risk not getting it approved. Also not all ebook readers support images or colored images. I will include more pictures and diagrams (one of the most requested task by readers) in the future.

Q: What is the goal of your book and who will benefit the most from it?

To be brutally honest, I didn't want to share this discovery in the beginning, I really felt it was too powerful. It took me a year of struggling with myself to finally decide to publish the findings because I see people in the park with all types of injuries on their knee, ankle, lower back, especially the younger kids. I also considered the consequence of coming out in public as a nobody without any credit saying something that is totally outrageous and controversial to the sports science that we know today. I would be a laughing stock and labeled as a "crazy asian". Once I decided what I wanted to do, there is no going back, I want to see people enjoy playing basketball, or any sports without the nagging injuries.

The people who will benefit the most are the ones that have tried everything by the book and still could not engage and use the hip muscle.
semi-professional basketball players seeking consistency in their performance so they can beat the pros.
Anyone who compete in running but just could not get the glutes to fire properly.
Parents who want their kids to have good biomechanics earlier on and don't want to risk any unnecessary injury.
People who can't jump high with running 1 leg.

My expertise and experience is in basketball performance, I can talk about it all day and all night.

Q: How do I know if I am doing something wrong? If I could not replicate your demonstration video#1 to lock the ankle.

I have made additional private videos lesson that go into very specific details, so hopefully this should help and I also made myself available to answer any additional questions during the transition period before your glutes start to fire properly.

Q: How long does it take to see the result, and feel the glutes.

You should try to replicate demonstration video #1, and consciously force yourself to walk, hop in this glutes engaged mode. If you are active and play basketball, it will help more because basketball uses so much glutes than any other sports. Running, Jumping, Landing, Making a shot, throwing a perfect full court pass. etc... It could be less than 3 months.

The scope of my book is to provide the technique and knowledge, first step into the right direction, more work needs to be done on what's the most effective training method to speed things up. I can only speak for myself and what I have seen from my friends who tried my technique, the performance result is IMMEDIATE, if you grasped the concept, you will jump and run differently by using correct foot mechanics.

If your never felt the muscle fibers in your glutes ever before in your life,  you need time to make new synapses to your glutes, these don't show up immediately, you need to sleep on it, that's why I advise you use the knowledge in my book, get into the glutes engaged mode practice landing on your toes, shock your glutes into awakening before you go to bed, or before you take a nap. My reference can be found here: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/02/130226081155.htm

Because I was in a rush to be the first to publish this finding of HOW to engage glutes, I did not put in enough information with training for that I apologize to my readers, but you can contact me, and send me video of your mechanics and I will provide you the training details I think is the best fit for you. But generally speaking all the compound exercises and plyometrics are good for you NOW with the knowledge I reveal in the book. They come hand in hand.

Q: What does one need to do to improve their biomechanics?

Please see my demonstration video #4 Why most people cannot be athletic
People overlook the importance of how our feet behaves in the shoe. They believe it's a 2D platform nothing more, but my research proves them wrong. Our feet is much more than we think it is. My book features a technique you can learn to engage the glutes, in order to understand it you need to understand the analogy.

Q: Does going barefoot make you athletic and is that what your secret is?

No, if you practice running or walking barefoot, it does not make you any more athletic, that is not the secret. The secret is how to engage the glutes consciously any time you want. Exercise without the shoe helps you understand how the feet works. The athletic individuals, super athletes can run and jump with or without shoe in very fast movement.  Average joe cannot do it.

Q: what does it mean to be dominated by GM, how do you know the athletes you mention are GM-dominated (especially if, as you say, the athletes themselves are not aware of it)

GM dominant means that when you move in x, y, z direction, the initiating muscle or the driver of the chain of muscles is the glutes. Quad dominant means you are letting your quad be the driver and initiate movement. The dominant muscle takes over the majority of workload should be strongest in the chain.

I did not say that the athletes themselves are not aware that they are using glutes, I said they are not aware of HOW they engage it, they cannot explain to you because they were born knowing. UFC pride fighter Randy "Rampage" Jackson tells Sports Science John Brenkus, "I put my ass into it when I punch". So they know they are using glutes, but they could not tell you HOW. And for regular people that's the KEY.

Q: How do you know engaging glutes in water make you sink?

I tried it, at first I thought it's going to make me better swimmer because it allowed me to dominate on land, but when I tried in water, I sunk, then it hit me, why most africans don't compete in olympic swimming but dominate on land in basketball, field and track. etc..
You can do it too once you learn how to engage the glutes consciously using the knowledge in my book.

Q: How is Athleticism defined in your book?

It is NOT the ability to learn and excel at any sport quickly.
It is NOT hand and eye coordination.
It is NOT the ability to win at any sport.

It IS the ability to jump, land, run, turn and break safely, quickly and optimally with Gluteus Maximus(GM) engaged.

Can you be athletic with small size(both height and weight)? Yes, Spud Webb.
Can you be big, strong and NOT athletic? Yes, Yao Ming, Kendrick Perkins, Roy Hibbert
Can you be big and athletic? Yes Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Shaq

Q: What is the difference between your book and many other "secret" books out there, such as "secret of vertical jump" or "secret of muscle building"?

I’m very well aware of such books, most vertical jump books and programs will ask you to do squat, deadlift and plyometric. These exercises work if the individual already have good fascia response, mechanics and activation of gluteus, but does very little to the average Joe. In other words, it will make the average Joe into a stronger version of the average Joe, but doesn’t make the individual any more athletic.  In fact, my book talks nothing about muscle building, but drill into the most sought out part of athletics which is HOW to engage the gluteus maximus, consciously, in all types of movement.

Q: Gluteus Maximus (GM) and posterior chain is not a new concept, there are many sports trainers that train in that area, what can you possibly bring to the table that's new?

It's widely known to the sports performance industry, the elite athletes use their glutes and big toe. The elite athletes were born knowing but they cannot explain to the average Joe of HOW to do it. One of the most used exercise today is the hip bridge exercise, but it only activates the glutes lying down and doesn't carry over the effect once the individual stands up. I reveal 1 of 3 components of the secret that the reader will be able to replicate. Once you engage the glutes you will believe me. I don't want any blind faith.

Q: So how do you know you are engaged? what do you feel? can you tell physically?

Yes, the phrase bun of steel is true, once you engage it, it will be hard as a rock, and when you run with it engaged, you feel like you are riding a mustang. I also mention the side effect of engaging glutes in water, have you ever wondered why you rarely see any African athletes in swimming sports, or why almost no Asian or white in elite field and track competitions? my book explains this.

Q: What service do you offer with the research?

I use the my research of the Hyperarch Mechanism to conduct basketball and athletic performance training.  I also use it to evaluate athletes, provide scouting reports to teams and organization that wants to have an edge over others. 

Q: If I purchased the ebook before and I want to join the group, how do I do that?

Yes, you simply pay the reminder by contacting me on my website.

Q: Do I need to pay monthly fee for the group? how does the group work?

No, as of right now, it's a one-time charge, however it may change in the future. We have athletes both professional and amateur from over 27 countries and counting.  We also have physical therapist, gym teachers, engineers, trainers, basketball coaches in my group. It's really very loving learning experience for all. 



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