In my research, elite athletes not only have high level of fascia fitness through fascia tensioning  due to lack of shoe when playing sports as children. Intermittent fasting is often practiced due to poor financial background. Having a specific meal window and leveraging the benefit of Intermittent Fasting will help with neurogenesis and Hyperarch Metamorphosis. This is why I recommend Meal Prep, you may find these Nutribox Meal Prep containers extremely helpful. 


For athletes recovering from MCL/ACL injuries or with dormant glutes. One of the supplement that I recommend is Lionsmane Mushroom, as it is scientifically proven that it helps with neurogenesis. Since we are making new neurological connection through Hyperarch Fascia Training, when combining it with training, the result can be easily felt and seen. Please note if you are allergic to mushroom, do NOT take this supplement.

Epsom salt for the post training protocol, make sure you do it before your feet ask you to do it.


I've listened to many of my athletes who experienced bruised toe nails due to increased fascia tensioning in the foot. This is completely normal, however some people suffer from ingrown nails due to lack of regular trimming. I recommend this trimmer set below.

For athletes recovering from injuries such as foot or knee.  It's imperative to start gradually. So instead of Hyperarch Hop on wooden floors, you may do it on a rebounder. You will feel quad at first but as you increase tension in your foot, you should feel posterior chain overtime.


For beginners and young children, the spiky balance and stability pod is very beneficial to activate the Hyperarch Mechanism expression in the foot. This can be used in any type of workout. 

For beginners and people that suffer from plantar fasciitis, we can apply the same concept of fascia tensioning to it and get rid of it for good. When your fascia is constantly being pulled to all different directions and flunctuate between state of tension and no tension, it tend to mishave. As a short term remedy you may use Night Splint, again the concept of tension over time applies! For longer term solution you will need to do the hyperarch hop and hyperarch meditation to keep your fascia in top shape.

For beginners and intermediate trainees, as your fascia strengthens you will feel a lot of tension initially, I recommend rolling 5-10 minutes using a foam roller prior and after workouts in all areas of the posterior chain, this is to be used along with post training protocol I have on my Youtube channel.

In phase 2 of Hyperarch Fascia Training,  you will be asked to do Hyperarch ladder drills using an agility ladder. Not just your regular ladder drills but with specific training cue that you must follow in order to trigger Hyperarch Metamorphosis. Please see my Instagram for some sample drills.

In phase 3 of Hyperarch Fascia Training,  you will be asked to do Hyperarch hurdle drills. These are not easy to find in local stores. Get yours now while supply last.

I get tons of questions on what shoe to wear during training, I recommend thin and flat bottom shoes. After some trial and error I recommend these. Simple and yet effective. The problem with modern basketball shoe nowadays is that it is too bulky for young ppl. Yes NBA players wear them but they are gigantic in size. Let that sink in for a moment.

When you start to get better at playing basketball, you want to have a ball with good feel. After comparing with many different products. I recommend Wilson's basketball. It has a superior touch and feel to it that I can't say that can be easily matched.


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