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Take Advantage Of This Little-Known Secret In Holistic Health And Fitness...

Hyperarch Fascia Training


Increase Athletic Performance, Resolve Pain And Prevent Injury By Building a Deeper Fascia Connection To Your Body


The journey started with a question:

What is Silk Reeling Strength in Tai Chi? and what does it have to do with the foot of Lebron James, Bruce Lee, Nadal, Usain Bolt, Mike Tyson, Neymar, Ronaldinho, Liu Xiang, Yuvraj Singh and Serena Williams? 


New understanding of Silk Reeling Strength  used in Combat By UFC Champion with Amazing Result.

Now You Can Discover How to Train Like a Champion 


Have you been living with foot, lower back and joint pain for many years? you have purchased many types of gears and equipment as a band-aid fix, you have bought many fitness programs and had limited results. 

Discover the Secret of Tai Chi (Taiji) and Get Rid Of Joint Pain Once and For All


"I have tried to lift weights and kettle bell, but NEVER felt my glutes, only my quad, but Hyperarch Fascia Training Changed That!" 

Key Points

  • Chong’s background and interest in training the foot

  • Common features of an athletic foot for sprinting and jumping, and general explosive athletic feats

  • Weightlifting and relationships with the feet

  • Fascia vs. muscle driven athletes, and times to warm up for maximal performance

  • Biomechanics behind the “hyperarch hop” exercise

  • Why some elite basketball players, such as Michael Jordan, let their knees come together while shooting, and the relationship to glute activation


"I have felt improvement on my shot, I have not twisted my ankle since I started Hyperarch Fascia Training after visiting you last summer in New York, That was a regular feature for me every season before and I sprained 5 times before I started it. I also haven't experienced any knee pain since then, something I have dealt with in the past with jumper's knee like symptoms especially at the end of the seasons." - Professional Basketball Player Mads R.

The Hyperarch Fascia Training helps prevent or reduce the risk of common sports injuries,  the benefit includes not limited to:

  • Transform your Quad Dominance to Glute Dominance

  • Help you Reduce Cellulite 

  • Help you Reduce Joint pain

  • Help you Prevent Sesamoiditis

  • Help you Reduce Pain from Neuroma

  • Help you Reduce myofascial pain

  • Help you Prevent Achilles Tendinitis

  • Help you Prevent arthritis

  • Prevent Knee Pain such as Patellar Tendonitis

  • Help you Restore Pelvic Floor Function

  • Increase your Tendon Compliance (Bouncy steps)

  • Increase your Muscle Fiber Recruitment

  • Help you Read your Opponent without guess work

  • Help you Prevent Turf Toe

  • Help you Increase your Proprioception

  • Help you Increase your Coordination

  • Help you Increase your Balance

  • Help you Improve your Posture (Anterior Tilt & Posterior Tilt)

  • Prevent  Ankle Sprain

  • Prevent and Help Reduce Risk of Stress Fractures of the Foot 

  • Reduce and Prevent Lowerback Pain

  • Help you Prevent Tennis Elbow

  • Help you Prevent Golfer's Elbow

  • Prevent Shin Splints

  • Help you Create Positive Body Image

  • Help you Increase Testosterone level

  • Help you Increase Stamina

  • Help you Correct Bow Leg from Fascia weakness

  • Help you Reduce the risk of ACL tear 

  • Help you Reduce the risk of MCL tear

  • Help you Increase Holistic Fascial fitness

  • Help you Promote Holistic Fascial health

  • Help you Increase Sleep Quality

  • Help you Feel More Youthful 

  • Help you Increase Silk Reeling Strength in Taiji


Imagine getting PAID playing the sports you love and perform without PAIN.

Strong Connective Tissue Strength Means More Money To Your Pocket!

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You get access to

  • Ebook - "Secret of Athleticism" (NOT a program)

  • Hyperarch Fascia Training PPT Presentation (60 minutes)

  • Hyperarch Fascia Tensioning Exercises (FREE 1 month access)

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You get access to

  • Ebook (Secret of Athleticism)

  • Facebook Online Support FREE 1 month membership

  • Hyperarch Fascia Training PPT presentation (60 minutes)

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  • Hyperarch Fascia Tensioning Exercises

  • Hyperarch Fascia Stretching Exercises


You get access to

  • Ebook (Secret of Athleticism)

  • Facebook Online Support FREE 1 month membership

  • Hyperarch Fascia Training PPT Presentation (60 minutes)

  • Hyperarch Mechanism Step by Step Training Videos

  • Hyperarch Fascia Tensioning Exercises

  • Hyperarch Fascia Stretching Exercises

  • 1 hour Live Video Conference


Coach Chong Xie with Dr. Emily Splichal:

Fascia is what protects tissues from damage and allows for remodeling after an injury. Scientists and therapists alike have been exploring this system for years. Also known as the "intersititium", the fascial system is a body-wide communicator for the push and pull of mechanical information. 


By Chong Xie
Published: July 10, 2013
Words: 8,530 (approximate)
Language: English
ISBN: 9781301037407
Price: $99.13

Book Description

"Secret of Athleticism" by Chong Xie extensively delves into the success formula of elite athletes and their outstanding performances using a unique yet practical approach that has never been documented before. The book combines the elements of science, science fiction, real life application and ground breaking discovery to give the reader the true secret of athleticism in an easy and understandable way.

Summary of the Book

There is a question that arises in our consciousness: is it really genes or biomechanics that make us different from the widely sought after and famous athletes whose performances are not only awe inspiring but almost seem "out of this world" magical?  Keeping this million-dollar question in mind the author Chong Xie embarks on an inquisitive journey to crack the code and unravel the truth. He successfully does so in this book and shares his discovery with you.  In his narrative, he effectively syncs science fiction and science together. The discovery is amazing and it gives you the answer not only to one sport phenomenon but it can be used to answer all. The same mechanism unraveled in this book can be replicated by just anyone! regardless of race or body composition.

The sports industry across the globe has known for ages that elite athletes combine their big toe and hip (Gluteus Maximus) predominantly in delivering superior athletic performances. These athletes were born knowing, it’s natural to them, but they could not explain exactly how it works. Chong Xie has cracked this very code and discovered the mechanism which would allow you to fully engage the Gluteus Maximus consciously without the aid of movement. This mechanism is one that can be replicated once you know how.

This very knowledge drastically reduces ankle sprains and other common injuries. It implies that you as an athlete can get control over your performance and health. Running barefooted becomes easy and natural to you. The book is a practical guide to a natural way for enhancing performance and reducing injuries.

About the Author

Chong Xie practiced Wushu as a child in Beijing Sport University, is an avid researcher and student of Tai Chi, he has a bachelor degree of science from Binghamton University. With his ebook "Secret of Athleticism" Chong Xie makes an honest endeavor to help all of us understand and discover a path to superior athletic performance without the expense of injury.

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