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Hyperarch Fascia Training™


Increase Athletic Performance, Resolve Pain And Reduce Risk of Injury By Activating The Hyperarch Mechanism® in the way of the Dao 道

HFT for Holistic Performance and Protection

Increase Athletic Performance

Resolve Pain

Recover Faster

Reduce Injuries

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New understanding of Silk Reeling Strength  used in Combat By UFC Champion with Amazing Result.

Zhang “Magnum” Weili

Current UFC Strawweight Champion increased power punch force by from an average of 374 lbf to 485 lbf using HFT. That’s a 111 lbf (29.78%) increase in force!

Before HFT 

After HFT Activation

Easy and Simple!

Learn HFT Through Video Presentations and Exercises

Practice Body Weight, Simple Exercises with No Fancy Equipment

Activate Fascia Connection Increase Athletic Performance, Resolve Pain, Recover Faster and Reduce Injuries

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Amazing Benefits

Resolve Pain

HFT has helped many athletes reduce pain in: Foot, Ankle, Shin, Calf, Elbow, Shoulder, Neck, Knee, Hip, and Back. Allowing them focus on what matters; enjoying the sports you love without nagging pain getting in the way!

Increase Athletic Performance

HFT enables you to utilize your body more holistically. This gives you finer control over movements, and releases more power extraction. Allowing you to run faster, jump higher, hit harder, and much much more...

Reduce Future Injuries

HFT utilizes your body’s fascia network to create an internal brace. This reinforces your body’s muscles and tissues to create a stronger structure that prevents injury. (It’s the same reason authentic Martial Arts Masters are able to break through cement blocks without injury)

Recover from Injury Faster

HFT uses a holistic approach to help correct the cause of injuries so you can recover faster. Unlike band-aid fixes that mask symptoms, HFT fundamentally corrects imbalances and reinforces tissues to restore your body to its natural state.

Increase Agility and Explosiveness

HFT helps you develop a more rigid structure. So there are less losses when applying force. (It’s like trying to play golf with a foam club. It’s impossible to transfer all the force you generate to the ball!)

Increase Stability and Balance

HFT gives you a deeper connection to your muscles. Giving you finer control of your muscles. So you will move more harmoniously, precisely, and more stable. (This is how the pros can take a jump shot, swing a golf club, or throw a punch with precision and accuracy every time)

Increase Stamina

A loose structure and imbalanced muscle engagement creates losses when applying force. HFT creates a more rigid structure and harmonious muscle engagement, as you become more fascial driven and less lactic acid is produced from overactive muscles.  You generate ‘effortless’ movement with increased stamina.

Increase Stride Length Naturally

HFT allows you to recycle energy while running. This puts a ‘bounce’ in your step which makes you lighter on your feet. As a result, stride length naturally increases without overstriding.

Transform Your Quad Dominance to Glute Dominance

HFT helps you develop a conscious connection from your feet to your glutes. This allows you to tap into the power of your body's largest muscle; the gluteus maximus. And it’s where the explosive power from all elite athletes come from.

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Have you been living with foot, lower back and joint pain for many years? you have purchased many types of gears and equipment as a band-aid fix, you have bought many fitness programs and had limited results. 

Discover the Secret of Tai Chi (Taiji) and Get Rid Of Joint Pain Once and For All


How is This Different From Other Trainings?

HFT is unlike any other training you’ve done before. Almost all other training methods focus on muscle training, which is completely different from fascia.


Muscle training is a crude way of controlling the body. It focuses mainly on strength, regarding muscle utilization as on-off switches.


When it comes to strength training, doesn’t it seem like all everyone cares about is lifting more weight and going all out to failure?


But think about what happens when you’re jogging in a marathon, dribbling a soccer ball, or taking a jump shot…


You rarely use your muscles at 100% power or not at all.

Every motion requires a fine degree of control; utilizing the right muscles, in the right order, with the right strength, with the right timing…

And this is where fascia comes in. By strengthening the fascia and tendon system of the body, it allows you to control your body with extreme accuracy and precision.

This is the difference between consistently making jumpshots vs being streaky…


Or the difference between nailing a penalty kick in the top corner of the net vs blowing it high into the stands…


This is what makes the difference between good athletes and professionals...

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Will HFT Work For Me?

Hyperarch Fascia Training works for any age, any body type, at any level of athletic ability. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in grade school or a well seasoned athlete. Everyone has fascia which surrounds every tissue in your body.

HFT simply reactivates your conscious connection to fascia, which grants you superior power, control, and protection for your body. The more you use HFT, the more benefits you receive as you pursue fascia mastery.

The Hyperarch Fascia Training helps prevent or reduce the risk of common sports injuries,  the benefit includes not limited to:

  • Transform your Quad Dominance to Glute Dominance

  • Help you Reduce Cellulite 

  • Help you Reduce Joint pain

  • Help you Prevent Sesamoiditis

  • Help you Reduce Pain from Neuroma

  • Help you Reduce myofascial pain

  • Help you Prevent Achilles Tendinitis

  • Help you Reduce Pain from Arthritis

  • Prevent Knee Pain such as Patellar Tendonitis

  • Help you Restore Pelvic Floor Function

  • Increase your Tendon Compliance (Bouncy steps)

  • Increase your Muscle Fiber Recruitment

  • Help you Read your Opponent without guess work

  • Help you Reduce the Risk of Turf Toe

  • Help you Increase your Proprioception

  • Help you Increase your Coordination

  • Help you Increase your Balance

  • Help you Improve your Posture (Anterior Tilt & Posterior Tilt)

  • Help You Reduce the Risk of Ankle Sprain

  • Prevent and Help Reduce Risk of Stress Fractures of the Foot 

  • Reduce and Resolve Low back Pain

  • Help you Reduce the Risk of Tennis Elbow

  • Help you Resolve and Reduce Pain from Golfer's Elbow

  • Help you Prevent Shin Splints

  • Help you Create Positive Body Image

  • Help you Increase Testosterone level

  • Help you Increase Stamina

  • Help you Correct Bow Leg from Fascia weakness

  • Help you Reduce the risk of ACL tear 

  • Help you Reduce the risk of MCL tear

  • Help you Increase Holistic Fascial fitness

  • Help you Promote Holistic Fascial health

  • Help you Increase Sleep Quality

  • Help you Feel More Youthful 

  • Help you Increase Silk Reeling Strength in Taiji

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How Easy is it to Incorporate HFT Into My Exisiting Training Program?

The beauty of HFT is that while the results are big, the training investment is relatively small. The exercises are easy to do, and take very little time.


*15-30 minutes a day is all you need to build a strong fascia connection to recovery from injuries and increase athletic performance.
*FB support will have specific guide

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How Long Before I See Results?

While everyone develops fascia connection at different rates, some see results as early as their first few weeks of training. That’s the beauty of the Hyperarch Fascia Training.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned professional…

Each week as you continue to train consistently,

Your body creates a deeper fascia connection,

Providing better pain relief and increased performance.

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Can I Do This While Injured?

Hyperarch Fascia Training is completely safe to do while injured. In fact when done correctly it speeds up recovery!


No matter what condition you are starting from we have a range of tailored exercises to bring you back into top shape.

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30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try Hyperarch Fascia Training out for a full 30 days and if you’re not in love with the results we will return every dollar you’ve spent.

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  • Hyperarch Fascia Training PPT presentation (60 minutes)

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  • Hyperarch Fascia Tensioning Exercises

  • Hyperarch Fascia Stretching Exercises


You get access to

  • Ebook (Secret of Athleticism)

  • Facebook Online Support FREE 1 month membership

  • Hyperarch Fascia Training PPT Presentation (60 minutes)

  • Hyperarch Mechanism Step by Step Training Videos

  • Hyperarch Fascia Tensioning Exercises

  • Hyperarch Fascia Stretching Exercises

  • 1 hour Live Video Conference

About Coach Chong

Hi, my name is Chong Xie.


I used to think that all-star athletes were born with superior genetics, natural talent, subconscious genius or a combination of all 3…


That it’s just the luck of the draw at birth, and if you don’t have it the chances of making it big are slim to none…


While I’ll admit these attributes do help greatly, I’ve made a discovery that provides the greatest chance of leveling the athletic playing field.


A finding so important I strongly believe is the secret of athleticism, the x-factor elite athletes use daily that has been off limits to the general public - until now.


It took 7 years of grueling research, trial and error. Experimenting on myself and Constantly challenging mainstream theories, redirecting after dead ends, and venturing where few athletic trainers have ever gone before…


Ultimately it led me to finding roots in ancient Taiji principles with cutting edge modern anatomy and live studies...


The result is the Hyperarch Fascia Training System.

A holistic training system that I’ve been perfecting over the last 7 years. A system that increases performance while offering incredible protection. One that my students have used to recover faster from injuries and take their athletic performance to the next level.


So if you’re ready to elevate your game, enjoy every moment, and stop fearing injuries…

Click on the button below to unlock the secret of athleticism.

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