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video analysis

Christopher McDougal, author of Born to run. Demonstrating his running technique, unfortunately, it is incorrect. Reader of my book understand this. He is running in the "walking mode"

I mention Cullen Jones in my book, in my discovery of how to consciously engage glutes. once glutes is engaged in water, the buoyancy drops significantly. This is the actual race. USA was in the lead on the 2nd relay, but Cullen Jones lost it on the 3rd relay, finally it was Lezak who came back from behind beating the French. Don't believe it? learn how to consciously engage the glutes and try it in water.

My readers understand what is going on here, with the knowledge from the book, look at MJ's feet, need I say more :)?

Aquille Carr, "Baltimore Crime Stopper" - using the secret of athleticism subconsciously. Observe his foot and how he runs compares to what Daniel Lieberman describes can clearly see the difference, Aquille Carr 5 6, can outrun most defenders and dunk on a 10 feet basketball rim and now is playing in the Italian professional league straight out of high school.

We are teaching our kids the wrong mechanics!!!!! look at 2:37 on this video, freeze it, you will see a logo of a girl on the left, she is in dorsiflexion mode(her feet and shin are below 90 degree, when this happens, she is using her quad, not her glutes). Now look at Ray Allen's ankle at the clip below, no dorsiflexion, he is using glutes!

Ray Allen, the most accurate free throw shooter in the NBA, observe his leg and glutes, notice he has very little knee bend, my reader knows this, too much knee bend is bad for engaging the glutes. It starts with the hip, the bending of the knee is the natural after effect of glutes engagement, not the other way around. In fact, you can't bend too much knee if you engage your glutes. a shot after glutes engagement is 1 shot 1 kill. Now compare with below Don Nelson

Don Nelson's free throw, notice his conventional "bending the knee" approach to the shot. he is using all quad, percentage wise simply cannot match Ray and there is no way one can shoot like this in front of a defender. If Don would knew the knowledge in my book, it would be a different story.

Ankle Sprain - it happens from WITHIN! the foot is not in a mode where large amount of force can be applied, now refer back to demonstration video #1.
Stephen Curry Ankle Sprain - slow motion (2:09) showing clearly how it happened. Keep this in mind, all NBA players have TAPES of multiple layers around the ankle to prevent it  from happening. If this really work then he shouldn't have this INJURY. Clearly this is not the best solution.

Lebron James' s legendary chase down? you want to have it? sure you can! not with Nike shoes, but with advanced knowledge of biomechanics. First, notice that Lebron is not running on top speed, he is able to go slow and stealthy but able to jump 1 leg and reach the same height of a player who is going VERY FAST? something doesn't add up! (I hope you caught this part too), that means he is able to tap into the glutes or as I would say "hack" into it but not following the natural movement of biomechanics, which is the faster you go the more glutes you recruit. So he is able to do it without speed or movement and consciously. get it?

Greatest basketball player of all time. Our sports performance industry would cringe at the fact
if someone put their knees in when doing a squat and deadlift. But let's look at the what MJ is doing.  By following the form alone is not the ONLY thing, there is more to it.

Ankle Sprain - it happens from WITHIN!

Andrea Petkovic Ankle Sprain - slow motion (0:33) also notice she has patellar tendonitis* on the same leg, coincidence? NOT! In my book I explain this further.
*She is wearing the elastic band at the location of the patellar to alleviate soreness of patellar tendonitis

Ankle Sprain - it happens from WITHIN!

Ronja Rondo Ankle Sprain - slow motion (0:35), *HINT* Both Rondo and Stephen are not good 1 leg jumpers, an example of a good 1 leg jumper, Jeff Teague who currently plays for the Hawks.

Deron Williams subconciously taps into the hidden knowledge of athleticism, in this mode you don't get injured even if you land on someone's foot. Check this out here (0:25), In my book, I explain this more in depth

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