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Harness the Modern Research on Fascia 

Hyperarch Fascia Training ®

Increase Athletic Performance, Relieve Pain And Reduce Risk of Injury By Building the Internal Foundation. Become the "Natural." 

    Disrupting The Health And Fitness World Since 2013 With Original Work On The Hyperarch Mechanism ® in Fascially Molded Feet of Elite Athletes

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    Learn HFT Through Video Presentations and Exercises

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    Activate Fascia Connection, Increase Athletic Performance, Relieve Pain, Recover Faster and Reduce Injuries

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    Practice With Body Weight. Simple Exercises, No Fancy Equipment Needed

    About Me 


    Who Am I?

    Hello, I'm Chong Xie.

    I once believed elite athletes were solely blessed with superior genetics, natural talent, or subconscious genius. However, after a decade of intensive research and experimentation, I discovered a groundbreaking approach that levels the athletic playing field.

    This revelation, rooted in ancient Taiji principles and modern anatomy, led to the development of the Hyperarch Fascia Training 
    ® System—a holistic training method that enhances performance, provides exceptional protection, and accelerates injury recovery. If you're eager to elevate your game, savor every moment, and overcome injury fears, this system is for you.

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