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  • What is Fascia? How does training it awake my glutes?
    Your entire body is filled with Fascia from head to toe, it has at least 3 main layers identified by science. Fascia is what protects tissues from damage and allows for remodeling after an injury. Scientists and therapists alike have been exploring this system for years. Also known as the "intersititium", the fascial system is a body-wide communicator for the push and pull of mechanical information. The old understanding of activating glutes via traditional deep squat or hip thrust does not make the fascia connection to the glutes better in movement. This is because more than 75% of your glutes fiber inert into fascia tissue and to truly engage your glutes in movement, you have to build the fascia connection from the feet to the glutes. In order to do so you build it through mechanoreceptors of the feet. Due to the viscoelasticity the fascia, as your feet are molded through Hyperarch Fascia Tensioning. One becomes glutes dominant.
  • What is Hyperarch Fascia Training System?
    Hyperarch Fascia Training is evidence based, reversed engineered from elite athletes by Coach Chong Xie, focused on fascia tensioning through Hyperarch Mechanism® in the foot and hands which kicks off the neurological metamorphosis within the body. Mindset: Discover how elite athletes use their feet in a different and unique way which utilizes a fascia mechanism (Hyperarch Mechanism®), Muscle based training and rehab has limitations in result due to fascia connection difference from feet to the glutes and abs, cutting edge fascia training produces long lasting and better results. 3 Phases of training: Phase 1: Activate fascia mechanism, understand the 4 levels of fascia connection levels in the body. Phase 2: Improve fascia connection and quality of fascia tissue. Getting rid of adhesions, knots and triggers. Heal chronic injuries and strengthen the body holistically using bespoke corrective exercises. Phase 3: Bulletproof your biomechanics, Increase performance and reduce risk of injury.
  • I don't know if I can learn by myself, What is the online training group and how does it help?"
    We recommend the semi-pro package for this purpose, as the training requires very high level of detail to subtlety, knowing you are on the right track and doing it correctly and safely requires guidance and experience. In our online Facebook Group, You will receive full attention to your questions that will help you get the desired result. In addition, you are learning in a group environment where you will get assistance from group members as well. Online group only costs you less than a cup of coffee a day after the first month.
  • How long does it take to see the result?
    Significant Training Milestones are Week 5, 8 and 12 if you have been doing the Hyperarch Fascia Training correctly.
  • I started with digital courses, but I feel I still need help?"
    For the best training result, please select Private Coaching option on the top of the page and book a 12 weeks program with Coach Chong. This is where Coach Chong focuses on you and help you transform. Limited availability, To Apply please go to
  • Do you work with corporate and how to become a sponsor?
    Yes, contact us at (917) 789-6384 for details.
  • I practice Tai Chi (Taiji) for many years, How will your training help me make it more powerful?"
    One of the main concept of Taiji is Silk Reeling Strength, with the new understanding you are getting rid of the old muscle driven body and working towards becoming more holistic, hand-foot connected body, or flowing with tensegrity principle. If you are not yet doing well in push hands, fatigue easily and prone to leg injuries, this training is for you.
  • I am coming back from an injury, Can I still do your training?"
    Yes, there are 2 type of exercises, static and dynamic. Static Fascia Tensioning exercises using glass marbles are the best exercises you can do coming back from a joint injury. It's especifically effective if you are applying the training cue daily and make the mind body connection.
  • I have kids who are very flat footed and heavy in the foot when they move, does your training work for them?"
    Yes, In fact many teenagers lack the fascia connection from the feet to the glutes. Strength trainining such as weight lifting only exaggerate the problem as quad dominant kids get more quad dominant and more segmented. In our approach, We focus on making building fascia connection from the feet to the glutes naturally and holistically. Once the fascia connection is made from the feet to the glutes. Movement pattern is no longer quad dominant and heavy.
  • What makes your training different from other fascia related training?
    There are many training and material on fascia, but they are primarily related to its properties not how to train and derive benefits from it. More so in the manual therapy, massage area and exercises based on twisting of the body. Hyperarch Fascia Training is evidence based and data driven, the results can be measured in week 5,8 and 12 if done properly with the right guidance. So far the result cannot be matched by any other types of fascia training on the market.
  • I practice Yoga, How will your training help me?"
    A common issue for Yoga practictioners is that sometimes there is an over emphasis on stretching. The body might feel lack of power and the natural bounce when you walk and run. Hyperarch Fascia Training builds that back and it will make Yoga poses more challenging and it will make you feel a much deeper stretch and relaxation.
  • I have been doing barefoot movement, How will your training help me?"
    Many starters in barefoot movement will often develop foot problems due to the sudden increase in stimulation to the foot. Hyperarch Fascia Training cues and exercises will help you build up the necessary fascia connection from the feet to the glutes, so it's not just your foot doing the work but your entire posterior fascia chain and abs. This can be easily verified with the Hyperarch 20 step test. The distance covered in Hyperarch is greater than just barefoot by 1-2 meters.
  • Where is all the science behind your work and fascia?
    Scientists from German and Japan are at the forefront of Fascia research. Please see However, their application is in manual therapy and but we are already proven in combat at world stage of UFC multiple times, if you are interested you may watch my discussions with Dr. Emily Splichal The digital presentation in the course has over 3 pages of resource and reference you are welcome to cross reference.
  • How does your training differ from resistance band training?
    Resistance band training only trains the Hip Abductor/Adductor but does not enhance the fascia connection from the feet to the glutes. So the burn you feel it's not the same as the burn you feel when you do the Hyperarch Fascia Tensioning exercises and glass marble exercises. Some people are allergic to latex which is the material that makes the resistance band. In addition, you are not risking youself with resistance band snapping and injuring you during a workout.
  • How does your training differ from the DB method?
    There is no bulky equipment assembly required with Hyperarch Fascia Training, you do not need a machine to have a high intensity booty sculpting session at home. Our body has the natural mechanism (Hyperarch Mechanism) to trigger and stimulate of fascia connection to your glutes. You can do the exercises anywhere, at any time. The exercises are separated between dynamic (hopping) and static (glass marble and lunge). Depending on your condition, either route will help you lift, tighten and tone your glutes. Just look at our UFC Champion Zhang Weili. The equipment with the DB method cannot properly fit people of all sizes and shapes unless you are as skinny as the model pictured on their ad. There is going to be pressure on the knees and even discloation of knees could occur if the machine does not properly fit you. Do you want to have another piece of fitness equipment in your garage? (src: Amazon Reviews)
  • Can I wait 30 days and then buy the digital course?
    You could, however most people who were suffering from joint pain told us they wish they started this training years ago. Even our D1 athlete said the exact same thing. The gains you make is neurological and it increases over time.
  • How does having stronger connective tissue help me fight better in the ring and how does it translate to every day living?
    Having a stronger connective tissue AKA fascia will help you fight better because it helps with punching power, punching accuracy, holistic movement speed. It helps you to become more fascia driven and rely less on your muscle so you would be more resistant to fatigue. When your body is holistically connected you are also reducing risk of injury because you are no longer operating in segmented parts. "One part moves, all parts move" is the principle of Tai chi also tensegrity. By making your body's natural fascial network stronger and more responsive means you would recover faster from your workout and less likely to get injured. Most joints pains are coming from a weaker and semi-responsive fascia system.
  • I have fibromyalgia, how does your training help?"
    New research has shown that Tai chi is more effective than standard aerobic exercise to ease the chronic pain in fibromyalgia patients in a 24 week study. The foundational concept of Tai chi is the silk reeling strength, Hyperarch fascia training has shown tremendous effect on the silk reeling strength which is a more direct way to influence the fascia system as a whole. It is possible with dedicated training that you may decrease the level of chronic pain significantly. Please take the free assesment before starting the program with Coach Chong.
  • I am doing other programs right now, will your program interfere with what I am doing?"
    It does not, in fact it will enhance it when you are able to integrate Hyperarch training cues during your other program. You will feel that your feet, glutes and abs are going to be taxed way more than before instead of your lower back and quad.
  • What does other martial arts master say about your training?
    I have a 2 parts interview with Author of Combat Conditioning Matt Furey, who was featured in KungFu magazine. You may listen to what he has to say here: and more on my Youtube channel.
  • What does trainer with CSCS certifcation say about your training?
    The mainstream is still very much focused on muscle, but there are some trainers with an open mind and intelligence see the value in my work and agree with my approach, you may read up here: and
  • I'm already doing physical therapy and feel better, do I still need do Hyperarch Fascia Training?"
    The goal of Hyperarch Fascia Training is prevention. It strengthens your internal fascia system so that you are unlikly to get injured under normal circumstances. It protects combat athletes so it will protect you just the same. If you keep going back to PT, the root cause is not addressed. Hyperarch Fascia Training is not a band-aid fix but a deep transformation. You may find out more from our 12 week private coaching virtual program.
  • I hear a lot of people talk about releasing tension from fascia, but you are doing fascia tensioning, are these related or different?"
    Good question, the tension release from foam rolling is to get rid of specific knot in your fascia scar tissue or entanglement. That is releasing the "tension" that could create a localized sensitive spot or limit certain mobility. The fascia tensioning concept comes from a holistic point of view of your fascia web. Imagine if a web that lacks tension, it has no strength and it is very easily being entangled together, but a web with tension will unlikely to be entangled from external force. This is the concept of fascia tensioning. So we are making your fascia web more resilent. Good tension (holistic) builds, bad tension (localized) limits.
  • How does your training differ from Brett Contreras?
    Brett Contreras' training is muscle based, it works very quickly in building up muscle volume in the butt. If you are into carrying heavy weight with your pelvic area, it's a good fit for you. Hyperarch Fascia Training on the other hand works slowly in building the deeper fascia connection from the feet to the glutes, it targets more on the function of glutes more than the look.
  • What gear or equipment is needed for Hyperarch Fascia Training
    Your mind and body only, for training assistance. We use little glass marbles to help us and THAT'S IT! If you want to use other equipment in the later stages of training, you certainly can because Hyperarch Fascia Training Phase 3 is all about integration to sports specific movements.
  • Does Hyperarch Fascia Training produce Mallet toe or Hammer Toe?
    Coach Chong discussed this topic with Dr. Emily Splichal, a lot of elite athletes appear to have hammer toe but it's not the same pathological condition. Mallet toe is a foot condition in which the toe has an abnormal bend in the middle joint. This causes pain. This is from too much tension in the toes only and not enough in the plantar fascia. A hammer toe is usually caused by wearing shoes with high heels or narrow toe boxes. It often affects the toe next to the big toe. The affected toe may be painful or hard to move, and may develop corns or calluses. The conditions above produce pain. Hyperarch Fascia Training does not create any pain in the foot because the focus is in the plantar fascia and arch, toes are secondary. In certain group of people it does look similar to a hammer toe but it is not the same condition.
  • I'm told wear insole, boot, straps, run with dorsiflexion, but you are saying the opposite why?"
    Centuries ago, we were told the earth is flat. Even today, some folks still believe the earth is flat. You look at your natural body and ask yourself do you really need additional equipment to perform and live without pain? Deep down, you know the answer, the answer is no. Band-aid fix will never be sustainable when more people find out about permanent transformations.
  • How does Hyperarch Fascia Training influence Interoception?
    According to Dunn et al. interoception is a sense of the physiological condition of the oneself. It is an ubiquitous information network used to represent one’s body from within. It is the ability to detect subtle changes in bodily systems, including muscles, skin, joints, and viscera. It includes a range of sensations including warmth, coolness, pain, tickle, hunger, thirst, sexual arousal, muscular activity, heartbeat, distension of bladder, distension of stomach and sensual touch (Schleip et al.) By building highly connected, responsive fascia connection from feet to your glutes, abs and entire body. You increase the level of interoception.
  • How does it help with Hypermobility related pain?
    Lack of Fascia tension and strength will influence the body in negative ways. When the body lacks fascia strength, the joints are going to be taking extra load. “Fascia sort of holds everything together,” Stuart Kaplan, MD, chief of rheumatology, It helps to think of fascia as a highly sensitive, interconnected system — one that resembles a massive hammock of tissue fibers — that helps bind, support, and organize your muscles, organs, and other body parts so they stay suspended in their proper places. Fascia is hard to remodel, but with our proprietary method we are able to increase fascia strength and connection from the feet to the wholebody which reduces chronic pain in your joints.
  • How does Hyperarch Fascia Training influence level of Testosterone and Endorine System?
    “Superficial fascia, the adipose layer at the hypodermal level just beneath our skin, is a whole body endocrine organ, a whole body lymphoid organ, a sensory system, a metabolic regulator….” Dr. Gil Hedley - Integrative Anatomy “Since connective tissue plays an intimate role in the function of all other tissues, a complex connective tissue network system integrating whole body mechanical forces may coherently influence the function of all other physiological systems. Connective tissue bioelectrical, cellular and tissue plasticity responses, as well as their interactions with other tissues, may be key to understanding how pathological changes in one part of the body may cause a cascade of ‘remote’ effects in seemingly unrelated areas and organ systems. Connective tissue may be a key missing link needed to improve cross-system integration in both biomedical science and medicine.” Connective Tissue: A Body-Wide Signaling Networ Medical Hypotheses, June 2006 When regular people squat they work on the quad more, however when using Hyperarch, glutes recruitment increases which utilizes much more fascia system than before.
  • How does your training differ from Functional Patterns?
    Hyperarch Fascia Training is evidence based, it focuses on the foot and hand. It is an inside-out and bottom-up approach, We do not only mimic the movement alone, We are training the critical Hypearch mechanism(R) in the foot first. On the other hand, Functional Patterns' training focuses more through "Patterns" and movement which is an approach from the outside-in. It also requries to have certain training equipment to progress where Hyperarch Fascia Training does not.
  • What is the 30 day risk free, body first refund policy?"
    Anyone who suffers from chronic pain knows how disappointing it is when the therapy or proposed method does not deliver what it promised to do. So at Hyperarch Fascia Training(tm), we have decided that we put your body first. In order to qualify for the full refund, you have to keep a record of your feet in neutral state from day 1 to day 30 (You need to take photos following the sample here: You should have date and time stamp of these digital photos stored and monitor for progress, one for each after your Hyperarch Fascia Training. Fill out the Fascia Health Rolling Chart from Day 1 to Day 30 from here: and document it daily to monitor your fascia adhesion levels. If you have put in the work, your feet will show physical signs of fascia tensioning and the trigger points, adhesion and knots will decrease, the tenderness level will decrease as well. If after 30 days, there is absolutely no improvement in your pain level and fitness level. Submit the feet photos along with the 30 days of Fascia Health Rolling Chart documents to for a FULL refund. Please read the user terms and conditions. You will be required to physically re-sign the NDA before receiving refund.
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