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plans and pricing

Disclaimer:  Before you embark on this health and fitness journey, you need to check the box below

a) You have read the FAQ page and have a general understanding of the content. The digital packages reveal the conscious thought process of building the mind body connection and theoretical background of how it functions.

b) You agree to the 30 day risk free, body first refund policy in the FAQ page. If you put in effort into the program for AT LEAST 30 days and don’t see improvement, we’ll refund your investment in full. As with any activity, there are always risks associated, prudence is of utmost importance to maintain your athletic development. You will not hold the author and Hyperarch Fascia Training liable for any accident or injury.

c) The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


You will need to create an account on website before purchasing any of the following package. Once you have purchased the package, you will be able to access Pro PLUS pages using the account you have bought the package from. 

In order to access the purchased content, click on  'Premium' tab on website header and select the package you've purchased. 

Note : These pages will only be accessible when you are logged in to your account from which you have purchased the package from.

Stop Chronic Pain from the Root?

Start Training Today in the Next

Limited Time Offer




For membership extension after 1 month, it is $29.95/month.

Valid for one month


Ebook (Secret of Athleticism)

Hyperarch Mechanism 6 Steps Training Videos

Facebook Online Support (1 month access)

1 Hour Onboarding 1-1 Coaching Call

Hyperarch Fascia Training PPT Presentation (60 minutes)

Hyperarch Fascia Tensioning Exercise (1 month access)

Hyperarch Fascia Stretching Exercises (1 month access)

Pro Plus



12 weeks or 3 months Intense Support

Valid for 3 months


You have 12 weeks access to learn:

  • The Founding Story of Coach Chong Xie on the Hyperarch Mechanism

  • The Root Cause of Athleticism and Talent from NEW understanding of the foot, fascia and glutes

  • The Real Difference between Good and Bad fascia tensioining and imitated work.

  • What and How to Train to permanently to increase your fascia fitness and health by doing Hyperarch Fascia  Exercises

  • The Athletic Spectrum from segmented muscle driven to holistic fascia driven body (level 1-4)

  • How to Breathe and Focus mentally when doing HFT exercises 

  • 1 Hour Onboarding 1-1 Coaching Call to understand your body and design the appropriate plan for your specific body condition

  • BONUS: Weekly Check-ins Group Coaching Call (Monday 5pm EST or Friday 8AM EST)

  • BONUS: Unlimited 1-1 Email Support

  • BONUS: Dr. Robert Schleip and Coach Chong's 2022 Joint Webinar that reveals what 99% of the mainstream are missing out on sports injury and performance

There are just a handful of our client wins...

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