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Weili Zhang 张伟丽

Zhang Weili TKO 42 seconds against Jessica Andrade and became the first Asian ever to capture UFC World Champion belt. Chong Xie joined the training team 3 months prior as a movement coach and fascia conditioning coach. the main goal was to reduce foot related injuries and increase holistic power and accuracy through Hyperarch Fascia Training. Currently, Coach Chong Xie actively trains Zhang Weili and planning on keep defending the title.

张伟丽以42秒打到杰西卡·安德拉德(Jessica Andrade),成为首位夺取UFC世界冠军金腰带的亚洲人。 谢翀 (Chong Xie) 在三个月前加入了培训团队,担任运动步法教练和筋膜调节教练。主要目标是通过Hyperarch筋膜训练减少脚部相关伤害并提高整体连接能力和准确性。目前,Chong Xie教练正在积极训练Zhang Weili并计划捍卫冠军头衔。

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Marquise Goodwin 旧金山49人外接手马奎斯-古德温
Olympian in the Long Jump event, NFL wide receiver Marquise Goodwin endorses the Hyperarch Fascia Training. By examining the feet, one can accurately determine if the athlete is fascia tendon compliant or not. the ATT(anterior tibial tendon) which average people lack serves as a good indicator for foot strength and glutes strength. Hyperarch Fascia Training System is the ONLY training system in the world that uses the method of evidence based reverse engineering. All results are measureable with EMG. What does Marquise have to say? "After years of training for Olympics and NFL, I stumbled upon Chong Xie's research on feet, fascia, glutes. Regular people don't feel their glutes working because the feet are too weak and there is no fascia connection to the glutes. Chong's proprietary research will help anyone build athleticism and prevent injury to the ankle and knee overtime."

奥林比克级跳远选手,国家橄榄球队(NFL)的接球手马奎斯·古德温(Marquise Goodwin)支持Hyperarch筋膜训练。 通过检查脚,可以准确地确定运动员是否符合筋膜肌腱。普通人缺乏的ATT(胫骨前肌腱)可以作为足部力量和臀肌力量的良好指标。 Hyperarch筋膜训练系统是世界上唯一使用基于证据的逆向工程方法的训练系统。所有结果均可通过EMG进行测量。古德温说 “经过多年的奥运会和NFL训练,我偶然发现了Chong Xie对脚,筋膜,臀肌的研究。普通人不会感觉自己的臀肌起作用,因为脚太弱并且筋膜与臀肌没有任何联系。Chong谢翀的专有技术研究将帮助任何人提高运动能力并防止踝关节和膝盖加班受伤

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