Kadour "Zianimal" Ziani.

Kadour "Zianimal" Ziani, He is the pioneer of modern day "dunk shows" and "dunk competitions", a professional dunker from Algeria, standing just 5 feet 10 inches with a incredible vertical leap off one leg. I "met" Kadour through instagram and he was immediately interested in my foot research and he had always preached how important it is to have "strong" feet. Finally he found someone who can talk his "foot" language. I am very delighted to have him as Hyperarch Ambassador!

Olympian in the Long Jump event, NFL wide receiver Marquise Goodwin is endorsing the Hyperarch Fascia Training. By examining the feet, one can accurately determine if the athlete is fascia tendon compliant or not. the ATT(anterior tibial tendon) which average people lack serves as a good indicator for foot strength and glutes strength. Hyperarch Fascia Training System is the ONLY training system in the world that uses the method of evidence based reverse engineering. All results are measureable with EMG. What does Marquise have to say? "After years of training for Olympics and NFL, I stumbled upon Chong Xie's research on feet, fascia, glutes. Regular people don't feel their glutes working because the feet are too weak and there is no fascia connection to the glutes. Chong's proprietary research will help anyone build athleticism and prevent injury to the nakle and knee overtime."


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