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training certification program


Are you running a basketball camp or clinic and would like to teach the Hyperarch Training System and how it helps to make a better neurologically connected athlete with strong feet, compliant tendons and powerful glutes?

This Training Certification Program is for you. You will gain insight into but not limited to:

1) Exactly what to focus on and what to avoid in terms of using the foot.
2) What are some of the physical signs that you should be on the lookout for during the transformation process.
3) What is the best and optimal body alignment for doing squat.
4) What is the correct muscle sequence between shooting a jumper and a set shot using glutes.
5) Various exercises that improve consistency of the muscle sequence pattern.
6) How to evaluate the player from the foot<>glutes activation perspective.
7) How to jump and optimize single leg jump with glutes, muscle sequence and methods.

There are 3 levels of Certification, once you are level 3, your glutes function has reached to level 3 and you then can teach exactly what you have experienced. 

Please contact me for application form.

WARNING: Students should never learn from an organization without proper certification. Injuries and other complications may occur.

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