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Samples of the foot photos required for foot assessment

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

We will need you to take photos of your feet from these angles and perspectives so we can better understand your current fascia fitness level and condition.

Elephant in the room

People in the fitness industry assume everyone has the same level of neurological recruitment pattern as them. Not knowing that their feet have more fascia tensioning than average people. If they perform a movement and feel and use glutes, they again assume average people automatically have the same neurological recruitment pattern. This is completely FALSE!

Taiji and Taichi

Did you know that the real translation of Taiji has no "Chi" in it? "Chi" is an universal term for force or breathing force. It actually is not the real translation of Taiji. Taiji's real translation should be "Supreme Ultimate". When you hear people say Why doesn't the Taiji master uses his "Chi". You now know that was due to mistranslation, misinterpretation and misuse.

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