Who Am I? What's our mission? Founder story

This was my old desk at @bloomberg

I left after over 10 years of working there, I have learned everything that I wanted to learn, namely how financial market works, what goes on behind the scenes of the multi billion dollar technology company.

I was the Quality Assurance and Release Manager, my role was to make sure that every month when the software gets released to 320,000 terminals sitting at every desk of Bank of America, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and many more Wall Street companies are bug free, without crashes.

At Bloomberg, I learned how not to repeat the same mistake twice because it means traders, banks would be suffering from loss of millions and millions of dollars.

Yet, I see the millions and millions of dollars being wasted in the healthcare and sports world. I have made a discovery and I have perfected the methods of fascia training over the last 7 years.

You can join me on this journey or you can stay and watch the show. #chongxie#entrepreneurship Training Results: Youtube and Instagram

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