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Who Am I? What's our mission? Founder story

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Hyperarch Fascia Training is a unique training method which I developed over several years. It helps athletes reach their maximum potential based upon my discovery of the connection between the functioning of the fascia, located in the arch of the foot with the gluteus muscles to create speed and strength with less stress on the joints and lower back. Thus, more power and speed with less injury. My own background helped me discover this connection. As a child, I learned Chinese martial arts training methods and was also exposed to Tai Chi and traditional martial arts. Additionally, I also played different sports especially soccer and basketball. This led me to take an interest in the science of athletic training. In the last ten (10) years, I have invested heavily into Fascia research and perfecting my unique methods. I started looking into the foot and its fascia relationship to glutes when I developed knee pains from playing basketball when I was in my early 20s. I had been diagnosed with patellar tendonitis and grew a bone spur as a result. It was believed at that time, that quadricep weakness would cause knee pain, so my doctor advised that I do more exercises to strengthen my quads. Eventually, I could lift twice my weight. After countless hours at the gym squatting and weightlifting, the pain persisted. While working out at the gym, I noticed that I was feeling it in the quads and lower back while my friend Peter (who I now understand as fascial driven athlete) doing the same workout felt it only in the glutes and core. This aroused my curiosity. I went on to compare the way Peter did a type of exercise called a “box jump” with another quad dominant individual doing the same thing. I used scientific method to understand the correlation between myself, Peter and the other athletes. Using a pressure pad to study the jumps being made, I developed a map of where each party landed. Studying this analysis, I discovered that Peter’s primary contact area was in a different spot on the foot than myself and the others. This intrigued me even further. I tried several dozen different ways to engage the toes and foot in exercises. I sustained several injuries because of incorrect fascial tension. This self-experimentation led me to discover the root cause of many injuries such as plantar fasciitis, groin strain, shin splints, knee pain, ankle sprain and sesamoiditis which involve the incorrect alignment between the foot and Glutes. After consistent self-training I developed the first prototype of “Hyperarch” method in 2013, which I have used while working with athletes and average people with chronic pain conditions. The underlying theory of my work is that elite athleticism is not made with weightlifting but rather through the Hyperarch Mechanism in the foot which causes the glutes to engage in an augmented fashion. To further understand this action of the foot, I took pressure map studies and Electromyography (EMG) study with Dr. Renan Macias. I also purchased the Athos EMG suit to enable me measure live EMG gluteus response. By conducting the research, I was able to confirm the connection between the Fascia in the foot and the Gluteus muscles and develop a way to change quad dominance to glutes dominance. In 2013, I started working with local kids at the YMCA. I found out that I could increase the gluteus response of the athlete and when this happened, the athletic performance went up permanently. This brought me some media attention in the basketball field. Bballbreakdown, a YouTube channel with 830k subscribers did an interview with me and training a client Marc Dadika. The video, titled “How to unlock your athletic ability”, was published on Aug 2, 2014. Marc eventually became a D1 scholarship winner in the state of New Jersey, cementing the efficacy of my proprietary method. I was part of the World’s basketball shooting technique debate group, where I was able to demonstrate my idea that the real problem for shooting the ball is not in the hands but in the feet. I started training people using my research method and this led me to publish an e-book titled “Secret of Athleticism”, Over the years I have applied my unique training method to professional athletes and have seen the great results they have achieved. One of my training clients Zhang Weili a UFC Mixed Martial Artist. On August 3, 2019, Zhang Weili became the World Champion in UFC after knocking out her opponent in just 42 seconds and became the first Asian to ever win a world title. If you have been struggling with chronic foot, ankle, knee, low back conditions. Check out the Training Results: Youtube and Instagram

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