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Fascia: What it is and what it is not

Fascia is a band of connective tissue (mostly made of collagen) that surrounds and stabilizes every organ, bone, muscle, and blood vessel in the body. The fascia matrix is a network of connective tissues that holds you together.

It has multiple layers with liquid in between, designed to stretch as you move. Healthy fascia is slippery, smooth, and flexible, giving us a holistic range of movement. It is truly what you need to increase mobility.

It is NOT just a “filler material” that simply covers and supports because it plays a major role in our mobility, recovery from injury, and keeping our movements pain-free.

That’s why it’s important to always keep our fascia network healthy.

How do we keep our fascia healthy?

We need to make an effort to move more during the day if we sit a lot. Or if we already exercise a lot, rolling our feet and body with a tennis ball following the Hyperarch Fascia Training Body Chart for 5-10 minutes after each workout can help.

The biggest change to your fascia health is by doing specific fascia exercises

By increasing the fascia connection from the feet to the glutes, changing the structure of entangled fascia matrix and making the fascia tissue more resilient and responsive, we can not only get relief from fascia pain and prevent it from happening in the future but you’ll also enjoy better mobility and athleticism.

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