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How Difference in Fascia Sliding Correlates to Chronic Pain

By using ultrasound to look at our movement we can compare the degree of fascia sliding in healthy individual and people with chronic pain.

The degree of fascia sliding is different in people with chronic pain!

Seeing is believing, This video is presented by Helene Langevin MD.

When you introduce micro tears to your body through movement. Inflammation occurs and these inflammation leads to immune response.

Why you might ask? Because your connective tissue aka fascia is part of your immune system! imagine a lion with a gaping wound, there is nobody suturing the wound up. The lion's immune system and fascia has to do it naturally. If the immune response is persistent it causes fibrosis. Fibrosis will make your fascia stagnant. Guess what acupuncture do? (I will talk about it next)

If your movement is muscle bound, you are not going to have the same amount of fascia response as someone who is fascia driven.

Imagine a pond with frozen ice on the surface, you drop a pebble into pond, the ripple will not be able to transverse through it properly but if the pond is clear without ice, the beautiful ripple will transverse without any problems - this is the goal of Tai chi. One part moves all parts move.

Simple things like static stretching will help you fight these fibrosis however when the fascia loses its strength, stretching a rubber band that doesn’t have elasticity no more will not help.

This is where Hyperarch fascia training comes into the picture and help you build fascia web strength.

There are many fascia fitness programs out there. How do you know it’s effective? You have to check 3 things.

  1. Your feet is made up of plantar fascia, is your feet getting stronger?

  2. Is your fascia connection to your glutes getting stronger? Because more than 75 percent of glutes insert into fascia

  3. Is your abs getting stronger connection to your glutes?

If the above is yes you are on the road to fascia fitness and health. #hyperarch

Write to me and let me hear your chronic pain story!

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