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How to turn Wavy Faulty into Healthy Straight Tissue Fiber?


There are many methods to temporarily influence the signaling of pain in the joints. You probably tried some of them already which includes eccentric stretches, any type of foam rolling and massage guns.

But recent advance in technology let us see exactly what is going on with our fiber tissue when it is giving us problems.

Fascia is the string of your internal tensegrity model. It requires proper organization and strength to be fully functional.

“The muscle-bone concept presented in standard anatomical description gives a purely mechanical model of movement.

It separates movement into discrete functions, failing to give a picture of the seamless integration seen in a living body.

When one part moves, the body as a whole responds. Functionally, the only tissue that can mediate such responsiveness

is the connective tissue.”  • Schultz, Feitis – THE ENDLESS WEB

"When one moves, all parts move." Tai Chi Silk Reeling Strength

Hyperarch Fascia Training is the alternative to the method of getting rid of faulty parts in your body or throwing the baby 

out with bathwater. Fasciotomy or fasciectomy is a surgical procedure where the fascia is cut to relieve tension or pressure commonly to treat the resulting  loss of circulation to an area of tissue or muscle. When fascia is out of organization and entangled with your underlying nerves. You will develop symptoms. 

We now understand not only we can remodel our fascia but also make it more resilient to help our body to be tough and supple. 

Wavy and Faulty

Straight and Healthy Organization

40% of people who suffer from knee injury is likely to have them again within 2 years. 

When we do our Hyperarch Fascia tensioning exercises, we are slowly and gradually adding strength to the fascia tissue and this is 

why our members are feeling pump and good tightness at the beginner stage and later on a very deep response in their glutes and abs. You have to experience it to understand it. 

There are many training that claim to address pain but the question you have to ask yourself is 

  • Are you getting more strength in your foot? because your foot is the direct influencer of your holistic fascia system

  • Are you getting more deeper response in your glutes? because more than 75% of gluteal fiber inserts into fascia to your legs. 

  • Are you feeling in your core through co contraction? because your fascia in your feet link directly to your glutes and abs.

If the answers to above 3 questions are no, you know you are not influencing your fascia in a deep and meaningful way. 

You can continue with what you are doing and address the symptoms only or you can start with simple and appropriate fascia exercises HERE to influence your root cause - your forgotten feet 🦶.

To Your Ultimate Health and Fitness,

Coach Chong

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