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The Number 1 Overlooked Body Part!

Hey YOU! yes you.

When chronic pain persists and continues to interfere with your quality of life, you need to address it from the root cause, not the symptoms alone. Have you simply targeted the areas with massage guns, or popped a bottle of pain killers?

When was the last time you worked on your foot and fascia? The foot is involved in your every movement and yet is the least trained body part because it is not a giant muscle so the mainstream method of “working out” does not target it in the appropriate way.

Have you ever wondered why your organs don’t knock around inside you when you jump rope? Have you ever wondered how your muscles stay attached to your bones? Or why you have cellulite?

Fascia connects all connective tissues (that means the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and blood)

Microscopic view of your fascia

Fascia holds together the entire body.

There are four different kinds of fascia (structural, intersectoral, visceral, and spinal), but they’re all connected.

A healthy fascia system should glide underneath and slide with ease and organizing in a way that channels your correct muscle groups. Your glutes fiber connects to more than 75% fascia and it connects to your plantar fascia of your feet. If this major channel is weak and disrupted, what do you

think the upstream fascia chain is doing?

Benefits of keeping fascia healthy is enormous. For example:

📌improved body symmetry and alignment

📌increased blood flow and chi flow which means faster exercise recovery

📌reduced appearance of stretch marks and cellulite

📌scar tissue breakdown

📌reduced risk of injury

📌less day-to-day pain

📌improved sports performance

You can continue with what you are doing and address the symptoms only or you can start with simple and appropriate fascia exercises HERE to influence your root cause - your forgotten feet 🦶.

To Your Ultimate Health and Fitness,

Coach Chong

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